Nexon Global Account Migration

How do I create my Global Nexon account?

With the new Global Launcher, we are going to change all logins from the Nexon ID to email addresses. This will require you to update your account to a Global Nexon account.
This will require you to migrate your account to the Nexon Global account.

Once you have migrated your account to the Nexon Global account, you can immediately log into your games with your email address in the Nexon Global Launcher.

Your Login Credentials
Verify Account
Complete Account Migration
Nexon Cash Migration
If you currently have Nexon Cash in your account, it can be used in a game of your choice by going through with Nexon Cash Migration. When you run Global Launcher for the first time, you can see a pop-up which asks you to migrate your NX balance into Global Account. please proceed with NX Cash Migration in the Nexon Global Launcher after finishing the Account Migration.