Nexon Global Launcher

Do you want to have all of your Nexon games in one better-looking place? Then look no further!

We are preparing to merge all of our European and American games into one platform.
You will soon be able to play games like LawBreakers, Dirty Bomb, MapleStory, and Combat Arms on one global platform!
Our goal is to make your gaming experience easier than ever and to successfully provide one truly global service to our players.

On this page, we will guide you through the steps to smoothly update your account and your games.

Global Account Update Phase
Game Migration Phase
Global Launcher is ready!
Global Account Update Phase
How do I create my Global Nexon account?
With the new Global Launcher, we are going to change all logins from the Nexon ID to email addresses. This will require you to update your account to a Global Nexon account.

Click the Update button to begin!
Once you have updated your account to a Global Nexon account, you can immediately log into your games with your email address.

Please note: Your games might not be available on the Global Launcher yet! This will happen one by one in the next phase.
Game Migration Phase
When will my games move to the Global Launcher?
We will move all games one by one to the new Global Launcher. Once your game has been migrated and you have updated your account, you will be able to access them through the Global Launcher.

IMPORTANT: When you log into the new Global Launcher with your updated Global Nexon Account, you will see a pop up to transfer your Nexon Cash. If you transfer your Nexon Cash to the Global Launcher you will not be able to purchase or use Nexon Cash in the Europe Launcher. Be sure that you transfer your Nexon Cash after your game has migrated to the Global Launcher.
Global Launcher is ready!
There's never been a better time to be a Nexon Europe user. With the Global Launcher you'll find a prime selection of Nexon titles from around the globe. Update to a Global Nexon account and get ready for new worlds of action and excitement!